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Directional signs are vital to firms interested in providing information to the public about the location, in one form or the other, of particular areas of their businesses. We manufacture signs for pedestrians, vehicles on the road, and even for aircraft. We specialise in all forms of signage for the purpose ofencouraging a flow of movement in a desired direction or to direct people to a place of interest.

Simplex offers professional signmakershigh-quality directional signage including site signage, school wayfinding signage, and signage forlarge commercial construction sites. We provide a number of options to cover all situations where obviouswayfinding signage with a clear directional intent is needed.

Our signs and accessories have remained in high demand by big sign companies for years, and we have consistently matched all requirements with premium high-quality signs. In the UK, we have local centres near you working tirelessly to ensure the satisfaction of your customers. We enable you to present products of incomparably high quality at an affordable price because that is what we give to you.

Why Choose Simplex for your Directional Signs?

We are highly experienced in Commercial Signage

With a depth of experience in offering various signage services to professional signage companies, Simplex has grown into one of the largest sign trade suppliers in the UK, providing commercial signage services to clients across the country.


Simplex has supplied Castleton Signs for a number of years. Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers by presenting them with a great quality end product

Rob Winterborn

Rob WinterbornManaging Director - Castleton Signs

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Organised and Project Management

No matter the size of your order, we have the resources to meet your needs. We take a highly organised approach to our work, employing project management skills honed over the years. Our highly skilled staff at Simplex areconstantly prepared to cater to the requirements of any contract.

Quality Products and Services

We will never compromise on the quality of our products and services. We understand your clients depend on you for premium directional signs for their businesses and that is what we offer. The quality of our directional signs is guaranteed to secure you repeat business and lots of referrals. Our directional signs are gifts that keep on giving.

International reach

No matter where you are located in the UK, Simplex can provide directional signs for you. Our team is trained to provide advice on all areas of signage and offer help with the design process of your signs to satisfy our customers, no matter where they are based in the UK.

ObligationFree Quotation

Call us for a quote for our services, and we will offer one to you completely obligation free. We understand the importance of providing affordable quality directional signs to your customers, and we always take that into consideration in every quotation we make.

Quick and Simple Installation

Show off your business artistry with our fascia sign services. Fascia signs make a lasting impression and are the crowning feature of any shop-front business location.Our designs are created to make on-site installation quick and straightforward using fixing rails or backtrays which we include in your fascia panel order.

Premium Metal Signage for Internal and External Wayfinding

Simplex is more than your normal trade supplier; we are here to provide the best solutions for your business. We play a vital role in the manufacturing process of the metalwork element for our directional signs. Our premium metal signage is the reason we can be proud of the services we can offer to you.

Our expert signmakers at Simplex UK can help design and produce any directional signage you need, from an elaborate finger post sign to signage on a huge scale.

We have experience providing premium metal signage used for internal and external wayfinding. Simplex has played an essential part in the production of the metalwork element for the signs used by big and small commercial companies, and multinational signage companies who sell our products to their customers. We ensure that your requirements for each product are completed to the highest standards.

UK’s Trade onlyDirectional Sign Specialists

Simplex is a trade only signmaking company. All we want is to empower our clients who sell directly to the users with the best quality directional signs available in the UK. We do not compete with you for your customers. Our directional signs provide effective communication between the product and the user, allowing the free flow of movement around a location. Armed with the necessary skills and experience, we can satisfy our customers, providing all you need to satisfy your customers.

If you need a reliable, trustworthy and organised supplier of high-quality directional signs, you are in the right place. At Simplex, we believe the underlying principle of wayfinding involves constant and efficient communication between both the product and the user to achieve directional objectives.

Let us provide your business with top quality directional signs.

Professional, Premium Directional Signs

At Simplex, we take the pressure offyou constantly looking for a sign supplier. Our professional services are tailored to promote ease of doing business. We manage the whole process, from designing and manufacturing your signs to efficient delivery anywhere in the UK.

Choose a more intelligent signage solution with Simplex. Our service goes beyond designing, manufacturing and producing quality signage; we make your professional signage company stand out from the competition too.

With our combined experience as one of UK’s professional makers of premium directional signs, you are assured of a stable and reliable reputation as a signmaker. We do our best to ensure that we not only meet but exceed your every expectation.

Our Promise to You

At Simplex, we are very passionate about our work and take what we do seriously. We are focused on keeping you satisfied and will work with you to create signage that suits your needs. We are comfortable with working with different kinds of materials to produce your signage, and we guarantee high quality on all our work. Whether you are looking for directional signs in aluminium, or prefer to create a brushed stainless steel look, we can handle it all.

We offer highly competitive prices to our customers so that they can make a good profit on our products. Because of the incredible sound quality of our work, it really doesn’t get any better.

For more details on any of the directional sign making services we provide, contact us.

If You Want Additional Information About Any of Our Services, Call Us on 01903 750333


Simplex has supplied Castleton Signs for a number of years. Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers by presenting them with a great quality end product

Rob Winterborn

Rob WinterbornManaging Director - Castleton Signs

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