Alupanel, Dibond & ACM Fabrication

Alupanel, Dibond & ACM Fabrication

Alupanel, DiBond and the many other brands are all types of ACM (aluminium composite materials). Constructed as a sandwich with two thin aluminium faces (0.2 or 0.3mm) and usually with a polyethylene inner core to give an overall thickness of typically 2, 3 or 4mm. This gives a very rigid but lightweight material with which to work with. The finished sheets come pre-painted in a variety of colours or with other finishes such as brushed steel.

Over the years at Simplex our knowledge and skills of working with these materials has matured and we are now a preferred supplier of finished products to a number of different business sectors. For the sign trade we supply finished panels, both flat and rolled, often fret cut and illuminated over a backbox. These are particularly popular in the brushed aluminium or brushed steel finish where it is often a more cost effective alternative to stainless steel with a lot less maintenance required.

In exhibition work the sheets can be formed to provide a lightweight, yet rigid background even complete with door! For the building trade we will happily supply panels to suit your drawings supplied and have built flat cladding panels for buildings and rolled ones for columns. Panels can be supplied flat for ease of transportation and handling or fully formed, whichever you prefer. Its use in internal applications is equally well received as you will see from the attached photos for a nightclub.


Simplex has supplied Castleton Signs for a number of years. Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers by presenting them with a great quality end product

Rob Winterborn

Rob WinterbornManaging Director - Castleton Signs

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