Metal Letters

Metal Letters

Metal letters come in a wide range of materials, typefaces and construction types. Over the years our highly skilled craftsmen must have made them all!

From the most basic flat cut letter from a sheet of metal to a built up letter with returns to give a 3D feel; a rim and return construction to hold an acrylic face right up to a curved face or bevel edged letter, we can do the lot!

Constructed from stainless steel (mirror polished, brushed, coloured or descaled for painting), brass, copper, bronze or aluminium our team will hand craft your letters to our exacting standards.

All built up letters can be supplied with LED illumination for either face, halo or both (subject to certain constraints on letter size and style).

Flat cut and built up letters generally come with stud or two part brass locator fixings whereas illuminated letters will have a full backtray.


Simplex has supplied Castleton Signs for a number of years. Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers by presenting them with a great quality end product

Rob Winterborn

Rob WinterbornManaging Director - Castleton Signs

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