LOOK what’s gone Digital

LOOK what’s gone Digital

Simplex are delighted to introduce LOOK Digital to our sign trade customers.

Our new single sided, internal, digital signage solution for use in almost unlimited applications; doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, education establishments, estate agents and marketing suites, restaurants, retail and so much more.

Fitted with a 32” (other sizes are available) commercial display for reliability which can be fitted as either portrait or landscape orientation it is fitted into our LOOK monolith profile.

The real beauty of LOOK Digital is in the software running the display. By partnering with Screenspace the hardware and software is extremely simple to use. Making ads (and in turn playlists) is incredibly easy and text, images and video can be layered up to create eye catching adverts. Furthermore, as long as the sign is logged on to a wi-fi network (after the initial set up) it is possible to change the adverts and playlists from anywhere you have internet access. They can even be uploaded next to the sign from the Screenspace app if the sign is not connected to a wi-fi network.

This ease of creating the media makes it ideal for you to sell as one off stand alone units allowing your customer to change the content themselves. Alternatively, you can manage the monthly subscription with your graphics team creating fresh ads and publishing over the internet directly to as many screens as your customer has, adding further value to the sign and customer loyalty.

The best way to appreciate LOOK Digital is to see it for yourself, to see the construction of the unit, to see how the ads play and to see how easy they are to create.

A short video can be viewed here….

Need anymore reasons to consider LOOK Digital for your next internal display?

Ok then….

1: as, like 95% of our work, your LOOK Digital would be treated as a bespoke job allowing you to specify your preferred colour for the body – not an “off the shelf” colour.

2: as it will be bespoke you can opt to have additions that may not be available with your current supplier – like a router cut, push through and illuminated header for example!

3: high quality Philips screens will be fitted as standard so you can have full confidence in the screen you are providing your customer.

4: this will be coupled with Screenspace to run your LOOK Digital unit with what must be one of the easiest apps to use on the market. Take a peek here… https://lnkd.in/gvjVjmY

5: and remember, depending on location, and what the LOOK Digital is being used for, by adding a paid advertisement every few pages the sign can eventually be self-funding and then actually turn a profit!

If you would like to see LOOK Digital for yourself and to get hands on with the Screenspace app then please ring to book an appointment to come and see us soon.

Tel: 01903 750333

E-mail: sales@simplexltd.com



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