Simplex are delighted to announce that we have become an approved NeonPlus® partner.

This stunning faux neon product has an extensive range of illumination options with face, halo and edge options as well as combinations of all these. With a wide range of colours, colour temperatures, fixing methods and IP67 weatherproofing to most of the range it’s easy to see why it’s fast becoming the sign makers preferred choice for this type of product.

The exceptional build quality of NeonPlus® coupled with good design lends itself a multitude of applications and environments as these pictures will testify….


The examples above illustrate just how versatile NeonPlus® can be and with sizes from as little as 50mm the only limit is almost just your imagination.

If you’ve ever turned that job down because you didn’t like the thought of working with glass, high voltages and all the inherent problems neon can bring then this durable, well engineered, low voltage faux neon is the perfect solution!

If you would like to a know a little more about NeonPlus®, for us to pay you a visit with a sample or just a quote then please get in touch today.




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