Monthly Archives - April 2017

When Olympiad Signs of Dartford approached us last year with an interesting and unique job for the TUC we were only too happy to help. The sign/structure/sculpture (!?) was required to cover over an old skylight as part of a revamp of the TUC headquarters and so the shape and size of it was quite critical. At 2400mm wide x nearly 3500mm deep and a parallelogram in shape in plan with all sides angling inwards it was far from straightforward! [...]

Everyone needs a new sign – even us!! Router cut tray with push through 10mm clear acrylic letters faced with painted aluminium letters. All fitted over a 2mm backtray with blue LEDs for halo illumination. The perfect choice for your shopfront or factory sign!! Looking good at night too!!

Cutting is well on the way for one of the largest Pole & Plank orders we have ever done! With Pole & Plank being the sign fitters choice for ease of use and being as competitively priced as it is, it’s no wonder it’s helping signmakers win those big jobs like this one. We’re half way through cutting but there’s plenty more stock on the shelf so why not drop us a line and see how Simplex can help you too.

Looking for high quality stainless steel directory signs for that business park or hotel?? Well look no further! Have a look at the photo below and give us a call with your requirements and give your customer that bespoke look they are after.

Looking for that special sign that stands out from the crowd? How about this latest job with brushed stainless steel poles, spacers and an illuminated Signbox 78! All our signs are finished to only the highest of standards which will only strengthen your reputation as a quality signmaker.   Call us today with that special enquiry and don’t forget all our other products – folded aluminium fascia trays, modular sign systems, monolith signs, letters, metal fabrications, acm fabrications, routing