Big and brassy!

Big and brassy!

When Olympiad Signs of Dartford approached us last year with an interesting and unique job for the TUC we were only too happy to help.

The sign/structure/sculpture (!?) was required to cover over an old skylight as part of a revamp of the TUC headquarters and so the shape and size of it was quite critical. At 2400mm wide x nearly 3500mm deep and a parallelogram in shape in plan with all sides angling inwards it was far from straightforward! With compound angles at all corners and the weight of 3mm brass sheet to contend with it was one of the most challenging projects we have had for a while.

As the photos show we built the structure full size in MDF before a single sheet of the expensive 3mm brass was put on our CNC router. Once happy with this, segments were routered and built up. An internal support frame was integrated into the structure using our own Framebuild extrusion ensuring strength and rigidity whilst in transit and once fitted. Bespoke brass studs were machined and fitted to try and deter skateboarders (!) and once fitted a specialist was brought in to add a patina to the brass finish to match it to the bronze window and door frames of the building.

Do you have an unusual sign project and not sure where to turn? Then why not give us a go? We’ve seen it all before – or so we thought!
Olympiad Signs can be contacted on 01322 319205

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