Stunning New Special Finishes on Simplex Products

Stunning New Special Finishes on Simplex Products

Simplex are pleased to showcase some fantastic new finishes now available to our trade customers.

Ever been asked for carbon fibre letters, a panel that needs to look like marble or a Pole & Plank sign that looks like oak?

Well now we can help! Using hydrographic technology a range of our products can be dipped in a staggering ranges of films to produce some spectacular results as these photos show. Acrylic letters (as below), aluminium trays, Pole & Plank (as below),  Accord slat directories and many more can all benefit from this dipping process and subsequent clear lacquer for protection.

This is NOT a wrap but a process involving the dipping into a liquid ink.  This is why it wraps itself around returns and into intricate shapes so much better.

Size is limited to the size of the tank but a Pole at 2500mm can easily be accomodated for example.

So need something a bit different? Want to stand out from the crowd? You know where to come…

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